Imagine an experience that makes you feel strong, sexy, confident and comfortable .

Now imagine capturing it forever during a perfect process where discretion and professionalism from a proper boudoir photographer are essential.

Maybe you’re celebrating a major life event, giving your partner an oh-so glamorous gift or want to live a great moment just  for yourself.

Boudoir - Lingerie - Nude Photoshoot

150 / hour
  • At least 20 retouched 4K pictures delivered via secured website per hour !
  • As many outfits / makeup as you want.
  • A plan of the session with moodboards, possibly outfits and makeup review, how you would like the retouching process to be, etc...
  • Come with someone if you feel like this would be reassuring to you.
  • Advices and guidance on how to pose during the photoshoot.
  • Great music during the session and an overall great time !
  • Full discretion and professionalism before, during and after the photoshoot.