Whichever your needs are,
Primatt Photography can deliver it.

With many people and companies endorsments, you can rest assured
that the quality will meet your expectations.

Whether you’re planning an event, from office meetings to your wedding or just want pictures of you or your loved ones for your own appreciation (or for social medias), I’ll do everything possible to get the best photographies possible.

Don’t hesitate to click on the link just below to read all comments and endorsments written since I started being a photographer. If you like them, check out the services I am offering at the end of this page and send me a message via the contact tool ! See you soon !

This is the kind of photoshoot you can book to finally get the perfect profile picture, you can also get it to have pictures of you, your family, friends or even your pet !

It can be done at my photo-studio in Differdange or anywhere you want, as long as it’s reasonably close, but don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any request, everything’s possible.


  • At least 1h of photoshooting !

  • As many outfits as you want (but remember, more outfits means less time to shoot !)

  • A plan of the session with moodboards, possibly outfits and makeup review, how you would like the retouching process to be, etc…

  • Advices and guidance on how to pose during the photoshoot.

  • Great music during the session and an overall great time !

You’re planning an event, why not hire me to take pictures of it, that way it’ll last forever and you’ll get great visibility from guests sharing the event pictures, that’s a win win !

Having experience with large and small events, I’ll be ready for anything you want to have photographed.
Fashion shows, parties, birthdays, receptions, you name it, I’ll be there !


  • Approximately 30 pictures per hour.

  • Retouching and in 4K delivered via secured website.

  • Assistance during the event day.

  • Full on discussion on what result you want, how the event will go, timing, or any requirement you would like me to meet.

  • Conviviality or Discretion, whichever you prever.

Even though your wedding will give you memories that you won’t forget, having a photographer is a must, for your guests, but also for you !

I’ll create the best pictures you can think of for you and your loved ones !


  • Delivery of approximately 30 retouched pictures per hour (this is an average, during the ceremony I may take 30 pictures per minute ;))

  • All pictures delivered in 4K via a secured website for you to share with the guests.

  • Help with “almost” anything during the wedding.

  • Conviviality, and fun, we need those guests to smile and laugh don’t we ?

  • A meetup ahead of the big day to talk about what you want, how you want it, when you want it, basically we’ll plan it all.

  • Delivery within the month.

As your business grows, you’ll need better pictures to share on social medias, better group pictures for the press or even new headshots for your badges.

As the regular startup photographer for Luxembourg’s Chamber of Commerce Magazine “Merkur”, I have quite the experience when it comes to do Business Photography, so don’t worry about a thing, I’ll take care of it !

Depending on what you want, we can plan on taking pictures of your office, your building, your product, your team, you name it, I’ll do it.

  • Professionnalism and attention to details.

  • Creative yet business-oriented looking result.

  • Possibility to travel internationally.

  • Possibility to follow a team during a whole business trip.

  • Possibility to work with a video crew to make company videos.