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Your perfect day needs as much attention as possible and I’ll provide it !

Whether you want a wedding photographer to be there exclusively at the city hall, at the church or the whole day, lots of packages are possible. We’ll be planning the kind of photography you want, from discreet in the background to gathering everyone for group pictures, you name it, it’ll be done. 

Click on the beautiful couple below to see exactly what was delivered to them after they booked me for their for two-days wedding ! 

(Thanks to them for allowing me to share this gallery <3)

Or go further down to check some other samples !

One Price Fits All


Includes everything:

  • Travel (up to 1h)

  • High-end magazine retouch on ~5 pictures / hour

  • All correct pictures with standard retouch

  • Delivery via secured online gallery

  • Price decreases for longer booking (i.e. 2000€/10h)

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